What Factors Determine Your Winnings in Online Slots

This article is an answer to the most frequently asked questions that experienced slots players hear from users who have just created their Cookie Casino login and password. Can online casinos affect the payout percentage of their games? Do the chances of winning depend on something other than luck? What is the best slot machine? Let’s look into it.

What Is RTP and How It Works

RTP (Return To Player) also known as the payback percentage, is the only factor that determines your winnings while playing slot machines. This figure is counted as a percentage and represents the total share of wagered money that is returned to players. And here is an important point: it is not calculated for one spin, one player, one playing session or even for a certain period. Rather, it is a measure of the approximate rate, which is designed for billions of spins. And you are unlikely to ever reach the exact stated percentage, simply because you can’t pay that much money to play one online slot.

The fact that a slot machine returns a stated percentage of bets made does not mean that you will leave an online casino with the same percentage of your original balance. Standard RTP for online slots ranges from 90 to 97%, some games have a rate slightly higher or lower than these figures for certain reasons.

The vast majority of slot machine providers (both for online casinos and land-based casinos) develop their games in such a way as to eliminate the possibility of changing the preset RTP value. Providers sometimes allow online gambling establishments to set RTP values for their casino games in the specified range, but in such cases it needs to be mentioned either on the casino’s website or on the provider’s website.

Financial reports from land-based casinos around the world indicate that their slots RTP percentages vary from month to month, and that this difference is sometimes quite significant. The bigger the casino, the smaller the spread of their monthly RTP, by betting more, you get more accurate statistics.

Slot machines have different RTPs, a figure that changes depending on the bet amount. This information is quite difficult to find, especially if you have several of your favorite slots, but you can analyze the information you get from the slot payout table. In many classic three-reel slots, the bet size can only be changed by changing the number of paylines, and this is where you can influence RTP values. You are always better off playing on the max lines in all slots, but if it is possible to change the bet size on your own without changing the number of lines – that slot probably has a fixed RTP value. RTP of some slots can be changed by increasing your bet, but mostly it concerns progressive slot machines, where you can win the jackpot only by making a certain bet.


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The most important thing you should be sure of is that your odds are fair, the main thing is just to make sure that you are playing at reputable online casinos. Don’t be lazy to spend some time before choosing a casino to play, as this effort will pay off for you. Once you have finally chosen a casino, pay attention to the slot you choose, as the RTP can vary.

And here is where the most important piece of advice comes in: Don’t chase after victory. It may seem that you were unlucky today, and this is a sign that you should stop and come back later, luck will be on your side sooner or later, and big victories are just around the corner!

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